Large Machine Rental

Excavator Rental – 303.5 Mini Excavator specs: optimal power and digging speed in confined spaces. Offers both sturdiness and stability, produces high dig forces and fast cycle times.

Skid Steer Rental – 226 skid steer: compact nature increases the versatility in a variety of terrains without the need for a larger machine. This machine maximizes power and reliability for optimal efficiency.

303.5 Mini Excavator

226 Skid Steer

The AJ Criss team is experienced with heavy equipment, providing skilled operators with our machine rentals.

We offer our rentals to both contractors working on projects that need to be completed on time and homeowners doing their own landscaping that requires the equipment and experienced operators that AJ Criss can provide.

AJ Criss offers both skid steers and excavators, both of which are ideal for various projects including:

  • landscaping,
  • moving sand, rocks, gravel, dirt
  • clearing
  • loading trucks
  • installing fences and trees
  • and grading
303.5 Mini Excavator 2226 Skid Steer 2

In many cases, having an AJ Criss operator do the job actually costs less than renting a machine and doing the work yourself.

Our rentals rates are competitive and include operator, machine and fuel.

Contact us today to reserve your rental and get your job done safely, quickly and on time.