Landscape Design, La Jolla, CA – Take You Landscape To The Next Level With These Tips

There are plenty of benefits to adding a beautiful landscape design, La Jolla, CA. It can boost the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. Moreover, it can help increase the property’s real estate value. And, in the case of incorporating hardscaping designs, your landscape can offer protection from disasters – from erosion, forest fire, in case located in a suburb with proximity to woodlands.

Here are some tips that you may find helpful when you plan to commence a landscaping project for your La Jolla home.

Consider going native

Many choose native landscaping because they have less to worry about as a gardener. That is because native plants thrive with the rainfall, wind, drought, and sun conditions – they are used to these elements. And because they require less maintenance, this can save you money, time, and effort.

Incorporate eco-conscious elements

With this landscaping concept, you design your landscape with wildlife in mind. Meaning, you develop a landscape to accommodate wildlife organisms – like growing plants and trees that provide food and shelter for local species of birds, animals, and even insects.

Integrate outdoor living areas into your landscape

Outdoor living areas are not just functional and beautiful, but timely as well. In this time of the COVID pandemic, authorities recommend staying more in open spaces for gathering. Outdoor living areas are an extension of your indoor living space, which can help accommodate more visitors into your home. You can add other hardscape elements as well, such as an outdoor firepit, a set of weather-proof furniture, an outdoor pizza oven, among others. (Talk to a hardscaping expert for other outdoor living designs options to choose from)

Adding vertical gardens

If you have a tight limited space but want to add more into your landscape as much as possible, you might consider adding vertical gardens. You can start with a wall or your perimeter fence, where you can attach frames that can accommodate your plants. Do note, however, to put a plastic sheet at the back of the frame, protecting the wall from water penetrations.

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