Color & Acid Stain

Looking For Someone To Do Color & Acid Staining In Escondido, Rancho Bernardo, Oceanside and Carlsbad?

color-acid-stainsConcrete color and acid staining is a very popular way to transform a plain grey slab of concrete into a beautiful accent piece. Using modern color and acid stain techniques the entire look and feel of a outdoor space can be transformed.

The color and acid stain process can be done on almost any type of concrete including backyard wall. You can also color stain walkways, patios, pool decks, driveways and more!

Staining, is the fastest way to customize the look of your concrete fixtures and achieve almost any color that you can imagine. Many people choose color and acid stain for their concrete services because it looks luxurious and adds a bit of high end glamour to their exterior space.

If you want to add beautiful color tones to your backyard color and acid staining is an excellent option. The experienced staff members at AJ Criss are well-educated in acid and color staining techniques. They will take care of the entire process all you have to do is choose your color and texture!

Can My Concrete Be Stained?

Homeowners looking to renovate an older backyard space may be wondering “can my concrete be stained?”. It is important to know that both new and existing concrete CAN BE STAINED! In fact, having your existing concrete prepared and then stained can provide a much needed face lift to an outdated space!

The only concern that needs to be addressed when staining old concrete is whether or not there are an structural problems such as cracking or chipping. If these exist the experts at AJ Criss will likely recommend resurfacing the concrete before staining it.

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