Hardscaping Contractor San Diego

Regardless of how big or small your hardscaping project is, you must use the most qualified contractor available in the market. After all, you will still spend time, energy, and resources – even on the simplest ones.

In this post, we are sharing five things to consider when hiring a hardscaping contractor, San Diego. The goal is to provide you with a guideline that can help you get one that delivers based on your unique or custom requirements.

Choose a contractor who has the necessary certifications. All hardscaping contractors you come across might claim they are the best in town, but the question is – can they provide some proof to back their claim? Note that hardscaping is a specialized profession that requires intensive formal training. Thus, certifications should be part of your requirements.

Look for a contractor who can show you proof of insurance. You must hire a hardscaping contractor in San Diego who is insured. That is because if there is an accident or mistake made on your property, the financial and legal consequences could fall back on you. General liability insurance, for instance, will cover costs of repairs or replacement of anything in your home damaged because of a mistake made by the contractor. On the other hand, worker compensation insurance provides coverage for medical bills and lost wages if the contractor’s employee obtains injuries in the line of duty.

Do not forget to put the estimate and contract in writing. You understand that people are people. We tend to forget; we sometimes misinterpret. To ensure that both sides are on the same page, put the agreement in writing. A written contract will protect both you and your contractor from the consequences of miscommunication. It plays a crucial role in making sure you are satisfied with the outcome of the project.

Get a contractor who guarantees their work. Supposing damage occurs to your hardscaping make-over, resulting from a contractor mistake or because of faulty materials, you should not be responsible for the cost of the repair resulting from such damage.

Review customer references – always. You can ask for references (including previous clients) before you sign a contract. Doing this allows you to know the perception of those who already have first-hand experience of their hardscaping service.

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