Some considerations for your landscape design

As you work with your contractor for a new landscape design San Marcos, CA, see to it that all things needed are already put in place. Remember that a landscaping project is a serious job that requires careful planning and a landscaping expertise to succeed. With that, it makes sense that you and the one you hire are on the same page.

The following landscaping design considerations can help you and your landscaper succeed in your project:

Consider ahead of time the maintenance. Your job does not end after you’ve put your landscape in place; there is an ongoing maintenance tasks after that in order to keep the landscape in shape. Ask yourself this question: Do I (or other members of my family) have enough time to do the maintenance work? If you think you have no plenty of time for the maintenance work, then you may choose to lean more toward incorporating trees and shrubs into your landscape as these do not require frequent maintenance. You may also consider adding wildflower area and minimize the amount of lawn.

Minimalism when it comes to focal points can be effective (keep focal points subtle and few). Focal points are recommended in a landscape as they direct a viewer’s perspective to a particular location. Aside from aesthetics, focal points give a sense of purpose and order in your landscape. However, a good design is not about packing the landscape with full of colors and mazes; a few and subtle focal points is enough. One important thing to remember when adding a focal point is to direct the viewer to the most attractive and away from the less attractive. (To learn more about focal points, don’t hesitate to contact us here at AJ Criss Landscaping, provider of customized landscape design San Marcos, CA)

Good bed line designs enhance the beauty of landscape too. When it comes to bed lines, you are going to decide if it is to be straight or curved or a hybrid design. Bed lines are designed from grouping of plants together to put a boundary that separates them from the turf areas. For a craftsman bungalow, straight bed lines can look great; for a ranch style house architecture, a curved bed lines soften the horizontal planes.

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