Choosing the Right Flowers, Trees, and Shrubs to Create a Stunning Landscape

Choosing the type of plants to include in your landscape is one of the most important ingredients in order to create a stunning outdoor masterpiece. Thus, it is imperative that you get the right kinds of flowers, trees, & shrubs for your next landscape project in Escondido and choosing the right contractor is vital to realize your goal.

AJ Criss has been helping homeowners in Escondido and surrounding areas build beautiful landscapes for years. Our landscapers are skilled professionals, with decades of experience in the landscaping industry.

How experts help choose the right plants for your landscape? Here are a number of factors put into considerations:

The weather condition. A professional landscaper should be able to pick the right plants based on the prevailing weather conditions in your area. They should have comprehensive resources that provide a useful guide on which particular flowers, plants, & shrubs that are the most ideal in your area.

The type of soil you have. The soil has to be examined in order to ensure that you are able to choose the right kind of plants to be included in your garden. Your landscaping contractor should be able to deliver that service. By intensively examining the current soil condition for your garden, you are able to get the most ideal variety of plants and/or fertilize the soil more in order to sustain healthier plant growth.

The topography. This is another yet an important consideration that your landscaper should be able to address. The integrity of the soil foundation, the slope level, the uneven terrain – these things have to be addressed by your landscaper and he should be able to give useful recommendation (like if there is a need to use retaining walls).

Indeed, developing a landscape project is an art in itself that it requires the extensive knowledge of its landscaper on a wide-array of landscaping elements, including flowers, trees, and shrubs, in order to succeed in giving clients a garden masterpiece.

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